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Patient Testimonials
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"Through the years, I have been to multiple accupuncturists for various symptoms.  I am a firm beliver in its benefits; while, my previous experiences with accupuncture have been overall positive, there have been many times when the treatment on a particular day did not seem to be as helpful as on another given day.  Once I began getting accupuncture treatments with Mira, that changed.  She always seems to find the perfect combination of points to treat which consistently improve my symptoms both physically and mentally.  My experience with Mira's accupunture treatments have always been uplifting. Mira has treated the same symptoms as a couple of other accupuncturists I have seen, and the points on my body she used, were all together different, and more beneficial. She seems to be very intune with the patient and has a great sense of which points might be best for the patient and the given symptoms.  I have never had a treatment with Mira in which I did not leave feeling better and all symptoms were relieved!  She is spot on!" - A.W.

"Bethany is a gift from God.  Healing is who she is and she has been a channel of grace for a change in my life.  A great, positive, healing change.  Many doctors later, and after seeing a healer, I was led to Bethany.  Now it is obvious why I was led to her. Skeptical at first, yet open, I wish I could go and receive this healing every week.  It works, she is wonderful.  Blessings Bethany." -R.B.

"Bethany is knowledgeable, skilled and personable. My stiff neck feels much better after one treatment.
" -C.H.

"I'm a believer! Somewhat skeptical at first, I started acupuncture to target anxiety symptoms. After a month or so of weekly, I began going twice a month and haven't looked back since. Anxiety now well controlled, we moved on to the next agenda item.  I feel well cared for by Bethany and trust her fully with needles in all kinds of places." -H.M.

"I started getting acupuncture once a week and have already seen a huge difference. The biggest one being in my sleep habits--I used to wake up four or five times a night as well as slept-talked and slept-walked. I wasn't getting the rest I needed. Bethany has helped my sleep patterns get back to normal which has made a huge difference in the quality of my days! She takes time every week to go over your overall health--physically and emotional. Really has made a positive difference."-E.H.

"Acupuncture has given me a wonderful ending to 2010. Bethany has listened to my concerns and addressed them in a way that helps my body to participate in its own healing. No more walking up the steps one at a time. I'm excited to continue using acupuncture in 2011!"-G.V.K.

"Bethany is terrific!!  Using acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine to help me conquer my stress and sleep issues was one of the best things I have ever done for myself.   Choosing Bethany as my acupuncturist was another.   She is caring and personable plus very knowledgeable and able to explain the workings of the human body in terms I could easily understand.  A session with her is relaxing and productive:  a rare combination.  I highly recommend Bethany to everyone!!"-F.M.

"I want to say thank you so much to Bethany.  I have been seeing her once a week for a couple of months and she has restored my period, which I hadn't got on my own for over 2 years!  Thank you!"-V.V.

"I starting going to Bethany after I tore a ligament in my ankle and was unable to walk for weeks. She was very successful in treating my injury, and after every treatment I could immediately feel the results. Knowledgeable, friendly, and caring, I can't say enough great things about her."-K.B.

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